Snow Day

It snowed all night and the city got a snow day. And by snow day, I mean we all got to work from home. However, the streets were pretty clear and easy to navigate in short distances, so I still planned on my typical Monday workout: swimming.

Mondays I am religious about swimming. I absolutely hate to miss a workout on Mondays, because my general goal is to swim at least three times a week, four if time allows. If you ask anyone in my social circle when I’m available during the week, it’s after 7 PM. Don’t even try to meet me for happy hour, unless it’s a Thursday. My reasoning is, if I swim on Monday, then I’m at least a third of the way there. As the week progresses, I become more flexible in my schedule and more willing to move a swim workout to another day, but I have to start the week out right.

I called ahead and found out that the pool was closing early, so I bundled up and headed over an hour before lights out. I have been swimming at this public pool long enough to recognize the evening regulars. And, even though I texted my lane crew that I’d be there early, none of them were there when I arrived. However, the other three people in the lane I did know.

I started chatting up Neon and he was kind enough to allow me to draft. We cobbled together an IM-intense workout (Individual Medley). My crew’s unofficial goal, as I deemed it last week, is to accomplish a 100 butterfly. Neon’s typical workout includes a 100 fly… broken into 25 yards each. So I hit my goal today… sort of. My crew and I are up to 75 fly. I’ll get to a continuous 100 yards one day!

The workout Neon and I did (I’m very sore!):

  • Independent warm up, here’s my typical warm up. I do as much as I can before we start the main set.
    • x3   100 Free, 100 Pull, 100 Kick
  • 100 Fly: 25 yards
  • 100 Back: 25 yards
  • 100 Breast: 25 yards
  • 100 Free: 25 yards- focus on form
  • 2×50  Back dolphin kick
  • 100 IM
  • 50 Side dolphin (took in a lot of water and couldn’t figure out the breathing pattern)
  • 200 IM: 50 each stroke in order

Warm Down Super 500

  • 75 25
  • 50 50
  • 25 50 25
  • 50 50
  • 75 25





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