Rest Day

Today is a Wednesday. I normally swim on Wednesday, but the pool is unexpectedly closed for maintenance. I changed at home, got in the car and started driving to a different pool. But at the back of my mind, I was thinking about how sore my muscles are from three straight days of activity (cycling, swim, cycling).

My max is four days in a row, before I start to lose performance. I knew that if I swam with my crew, I’d lag and sandbag at the end. I felt sore going to bed. I missed foam rolling my legs. I felt sore waking up. I felt sore at work. This week feels like a three day week.

I turned the car around.

Know when to call it and take a rest day. (This is also why I never skip Monday. In case the pool unexpectedly closes, in case I’m just not feeling it, or in case I wind up staying late at work. At least I smashed it on Monday.)



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