We did a repeat workout on Wednesday. When I said it was good practice for achieving our goal, several people, in unison, said, “What goal?”

Our goal to 100 fly!

Independent Warm Up
3x 100 Swim, pull kick

4 sets of 4×75

4×75 free, free, free
fly, free, free
fly, fly, free
fly, fly, fly

Repeat for each stroke (fly, back, breast)

4th set: free, free, free
fly, back, breast
fly, back, breast
fly, back, breast

Easy 50

200 Pull
150 Swim
100 Kick
50 Swim

7×50 Swim… was supposed to be 10 but we are chatty and that’s what we had time to finish

Monday was noticeably stronger. I felt really good on the fly and finished the 75 set. By Wednesday, I was dragging and switched to fly drill. I was dragging so much that Elle specifically pointed out that I “didn’t have as much zip as normal”. She and I wound up switching positions, too. I blame it on Aunt Flo.

Swimming always helps with my period. I generally go to the pool, unless I’m feeling absolutely beat. No matter how short the swim, it always helps. However, I’m not always at peak performance, as evidenced by third party observers. I still show up and do what I can. It helps with stamina, my general outlook, and, largely, it’s just habit.

How do you motivate yourself during lulls in your typical performance?


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