Eat Up

Sometimes, I have trouble managing my fuel intake. I don’t eat enough to properly get through my workout or my day. Friday was a disaster. I was hungry before swimming, but I was in one of those moods where nothing sounded appetizing. I figured I’d be fine, as I had eaten a burrito for lunch. It was a protein-heavy day. Turns out it wasn’t enough.

I did this workout on my own. About halfway through, I started planning the happy hour food I wanted to order. Fifteen minutes later, all I could think about was the protein bar stash in my car. I keep bars in my car for emergency fixes, for the days when I’m hangry, for fuel to get home. Five minutes later, I was shaking.

It was time to get out of the pool. In my car, I wolfed down a half-size Luna Protein bar and was still a bit shaky, so I dug around in the box and produced another half-size CLIF bar, chocolate chip flavored. It was probably two years old and tasted like chalk, but I ate it anyways. The two of them did the trick and I calmed down.

How do you manage your daily nutrition for days when you need more energy? What food do you turn to when you need a quick fix?


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