Walking like a Boss

I didn’t calculate it, but rounding up from Homsey’s app, I walked almost 15 miles around the city yesterday. I also undervalued the importance of proper shoes.

This will be shocking, but I use my running shoes for everything, including running. All those spin workouts, city adventures, day hikes, and errands, they are conducting in a pair of running shoes. I suppose if I were more serious about running, I would preserve my running shoes for only running, but I have gotten lazy about running and keeping a second pair of every day shoes. What used to work really well was to cycle out old running shoes into every day shoes, but I started keeping the old pair in my car, for squeezing in workouts on the go. So, I lost my closet back up shoes to the car.

Needless to say, running shoes are great for my feet while bumbling around town, but it’s not great for the shoes and they are not great for hiking. Another confession, I am nervous about falling and going downhill. Add some slippery running shoes, and you’ve got the slowest, most cautious descent EVER.

After a recent and very scary hike on a snowy, icy trail, I decided that, as my life is expanding beyond my trialthon-centric activities, proper shoes were in order. As luck would have it, an REI gift card materialized in my pocket. (Hiking shoes are just as costly as any other gear.)

I researched popular hiking shoes and had a few in mind to try on. However, my feet disagreed with the popular (on sale) shoes. I tried on so many different shoes and my wide feet, and slightly-larger left foot, were not happy in any old shoe. When I laced up the Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry, the shoes felt right.

Never having owned a pair of hiking shoes, I did not know what to expect. These shoes are rugged and sturdy. They provide the most incredible grip, even more than the snow boots I owned in grad school. I enjoyed the Obozs so much, that I wore them out the door. I was so excited to test them. I romped through REI’s hiking test trails and up and down the wet city hills, feeling like a BOSS. I felt so confident in my stride and am glad I finally purchased the right kind of shoe. I am excited to use these about town and in the mountains. They are going to completely revolutionize the quality of my hikes.


What gear have you purchased that changed the way you play, practice or compete? What revelations have you had about using the proper gear?


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