Have Some Fun

I need a pick me up today. I either need to find a fun workout or get the lane jazzed about a Tuesday swim. Either way, we are going to have fun, and I mean it! Physical activity, especially when I’m feeling low, helps me feel better about life and lifts my overall outlook. I find something to look forward to and get moving. The benefits afterwards are always worth overcoming the initial inertia.

Today, we need to finish workout eighteen from last week. We’ll start with the 100 free, 4×50 IMs, so that we can actually finish all of them. We are building our capacity towards 100 fly!

It’s too late to bake for a post-workout bribe. That usually works to get everyone perked up. I’ll have to think of another way to build some excitement today.

We are also notoriously silly. I am convinced that we have more fun in our lane than anyone else. Surfer E has a head for puns and mixing bits of songs into conversation. Queen has an infectious laugh. Fast E makes light of situations and keeps us upbeat.

Last week, someone told a couple of jokes in the locker room:

What’s the difference between a priest and his dog?
One wears pants and a collar while the other wears a collar and pants.

What’s the difference between a cat and a comma?
One has claws at the end of its paws and one is a pause at the end of a clause.

I had a really hard time remembering the punch lines and Homsey had to help me finish both jokes. We laughed at my delivery and not the punch lines. Maybe today can be a joke day.

How do you keep it light and fun while working out?
PS- Introducing B to the goal induced incredulity and a burst of laughter. His response was, “That’s it?” We discussed the merits of SMART goals. Yes, we can complete a 100 contiguous butterfly, but not without a struggle. I wish I had committed it to memory, but the SMART goal went something like this: By the summer, for everyone to strongly and confidently finish a 100 contiguous butterfly without being anaerobic at the end.

Elle pushed for her goal, getting a team together to swim across the lake for a charity open water swim. She said she’d only work on the 100 fly if I committed to swimming. Doesn’t she know there might be grindylows in the water, never mind the milfoil? I’m scared of milfoil and lurking creatures. That’ll be another goal, overcoming my fears.


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