We consumed, what felt like, a vast quantity of food on the urban hike with Homsey’s friend, J, and two others we picked up and dropped off along the way. I felt Emily Pig in Yummers.

Breakfast at Roxy’s Diner: Polenta black bean cake (I was shocked that it was not blueberry, like I had originally assumed), home fries, scrambled eggs, French toast with chocolate syrup and bananas, coffee and the requisite pot of tea

Morning tea on the south end of the Arboretum: Tea in pyramid sachets, an orange, coffee

Lunch at Neighbor Lady: Gumbo, poutine, vegetarian chili, an amber ale, an IPA, a sammie and fries and a sammie and brussel sprouts

Drinks at Optimism Brewing: The Bulldog, and three other beers, one each for the rest of us, but I can’t remember what we ordered

Afternoon tea at Top Pot Doughnuts: Glazed doughnut, chocolate cream filled doughnut, coffee, Earl Grey tea

Drinks at The Tin Lizzie Lounge: Prosecco, gin and tonic, malbec, $19 happy hour bottle of  white and Formaggio Petite (a fabulous deal)

Dinner at Shiki: A huge plate of sushi, sashimi, sake and a bowl of hangry rice

Miles walked: 15

Calories consumed: a whole lot


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