Let the Sunshine In

Some people endearingly refer to the rain as liquid sunshine. I would, expect it has been relentless lately. The skies are an endless grey blanket and they alternate between pouring rain and a fine mist.

People around me have been just as affected by the dreariness of this weather. Sun lamps, vitamin D, extra exercise, they don’t seem to help. The rain makes you feel down, slow and listless. It’s as if there is no hope of spring, despite the daffodils pushing through the soil. Your skin feels starved for the sun.

So today, when the sun finally shone down on the streets of the city, I took for the trails. I abandoned my pool plans in favor of some rays of happiness. In my head, I sang, “I’m walking on sunshine…” It felt great and if it weren’t so chilly, I’d strip off my layers and let the sunshine soak all of my skin. Nevertheless, the sun felt glorious on my face.



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