A Most Delicious Saturday

Two out of two dinosaurs agreed.

Saturday’s urban hike was short, but oh so tasty. Breakfast was Ringtons Northumbrian Blend Loose Tea, Marmite and Lake Country Asiago on toast with two sunny side up eggs. It fortified me more than Bestie’s tea and two biscotti biscuits.


A selection of delightfully fragrant hyacinths at Swansons Nursery

We started from home, walked up yet another hill, and popped into and out of Gather and Preserve without purchasing anything, as we were not yet hungry. We followed a whim, i.e. vague signs touting wearable art (never to be found), but wound up at Swansons Nursery instead. It featured lovely, curated displays of the spring to come and hopeful signs of summer. As we had just shared a banana and some apple slices, we passed on its cafe.

At that point, it was well past lunchtime and we decided to head in the direction of delicious food. As we knew that G&P accepted four legged friends, we stopped back in for lunch. And what a girly lunch it was: jasmine tea (very high quality), Fremont Brewery’s Lush IPA (very drinkable, with only a light hoppiness), olives, pickled egg on toast, and a cheese platter with extra crackers. The quality of the food was amazing and the evident care that the proprietors took in the construction of their baked and pickled goods pushed the meal over the edge of cafe-lunch decadence. It was the best urban hike lunch to date.


Jasmine tea and Fremont Brewery Lush IPA

After that amaze-balls indulgence, we wandered through the neighborhood’s high street, in and out of shops, stopping for a shared cone of coconut mint chip and chocolate pudding and a scoop of peanut butter for the pooch from Bluebird. At that point, the sun was bursting. We agreed that it had to be the ice cream cone eaten out-of-doors that did the trick. And after the dreary week we had, people were streaming outside to soak it in. You’re welcome, Seattle.

We headed down the hill, towards home and made rezos at a French restaurant, Boat Street Kitchen. All showered and dressed up with the boys, we had a rich meal, bursting with flavor. My drinks were voted the best, a pear martini and a smooth dessert port. My companions all ordered from the prix fixe menu, and the aromas wafting form the kitchen were making all of our mouths water with anticipation. Of particular note, the bouillabaisse had been simmering for hours and the broth was brimming over with the taste of the vegetables and chicken. But stealing the show, was the baguette, courtesy of Columbia City Bakery. Two members of our party lived in France and agreed that it perfectly captured the quintessential French baguette, a dry, chewy crust with a soft interior. And it formed the base of the bread pudding. I, who do not like bread pudding, could not get enough of the rich cream and the chewiness of the baguette base. Amazing.



And that is what makes a day delicious… Babar of Boat Street agrees.


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