A Sunday Stroll by Any Other Name…

… is called a hike.

Ever since I biked Chuckanut Drive, I have wanted to go back. I was pleasantly surprised this Sunday when we wound up there. I was also excited to try out my hiking boots in the wild nature.

We stocked up with sammies, fruit, drinks (caffeinated or not), Pirate’s Bounty, bars, trail mix and plantain chips. I was concerned about my protein intake. When I do not eat enough protein, I get tired, weak and hangry. I was going to make a concerted effort to be a pleasant and fully fed human being. For breakfast, I had a strawberry protein shake and a Starbucks Spinach, Feta, Egg-White Wrap. It was about 20 grams of protein in all. I felt well prepared for the day.

We took the back way up Oyster Dome Trailh.jpg. There was, what appeared to be, fresh snow on the ground. In certain places, the snow was silently raining onto our heads as it melted, and, in others, the wind was blowing the powdery snow onto our heads. It was lovely to behold, when we stopped to admire our surroundings. My companions were serious, career hikers and were blazing a fast trail into the mountain, whereas I wanted to enjoy my Sunday stroll, I mean hike. To be fair, they did take in the scenery, they just took it in faster.

The trail was practically deserted. We felt the tranquility of the mountain enfolding us. The sun even came out, and I took off my hat, so as to get the full, tree-filtered sun on my face. We traversed bridges, snow kissed groves, and glacier fed waterfalls. It was the best of a Pacific Northwest spring.

When we got to the peak, it was packed. The crowds had taken the direct route, and beaten us to the top. We picked a spot on the Oyster Dome and picnicked. Because I had eaten such a protein dense breakfast, I was hardly hungry, but figured I should eat anyhow. (I will have to remember that combination for the next adventure.) We basked in the sun and enjoyed the view of Samish Bay.


Heading down, my career hikers were somewhat annoyed by the hordes, so they practically ran down. I kept up for a while then figured I should go my own pace. I was feeling confident in my grippy, springy hiking shoes, so I was going faster than I normally do. However, I was feeling a bit rushed and about 1/4 of a mile from the bottom, I twisted my ankle and went down. I was very cross with myself for going too fast and allowing myself to be pressured. I had to hobble down the rest of the way at a snail’s pace.

Aside from the spill, it was a lovely day, and a solid hike. I would and did recommended it to my fellow adventurers. Two thumbs and a bruised ankle up.



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