Walking Across the Water

Purposefully seeking an epic adventure, Bestie and I decided to walk to Bainbridge Island. But wait, you say, how did we walk on water? Well, we walked onto the ferry!

Our day started out very Pooch-centric. The first few stops were in her favor, the dog park and a dog friendly place that had treats and coffee. Wiggles out of the way, we stopped at Fusion Beads to browse jewelry ideas. We were drawn natural materials and soft tones, what with the cherry blossoms being at 75% this weekend, a good marker of Spring. We would have lingered and made purchases, but Pooch was getting antsy, so we continued on our way.

We wandered through downtown, stopping at Row House Cafe for lunch. Bestie commented that this perfect balance of alertness and leisurely but purposeful pace was the way humans were meant to travel. The downtown traffic and crowds kept us alert, but we were able to artfully observe our surroundings and appreciate the beauty around us. We decided not to rush on account of the ferry schedule and to arrive when we arrived. It was, indeed, a perfect balance.


Seattle’s skyline across the water

Arriving at Pike Place Market, one of Seattle’s main attractions, we made our way through the shoppers and resisted the temptation of gorgeous bouquets with striking cherry blossoms and pussy willows. Tromping down the steps of the back side of the market, we stumbled into Choukette, a French eclair shop. The ingredients were of the freshest and highest quality and were evident in the decadent first bite. Choukette’s choux were perfectly baked and crispy, it was a good stumble.


We pressed on, having checked the ferry schedule and realizing that there was one within the half hour. We purchased our walk-on tickets at half off, through Chinook Book, a local coupon book supporting local, sustainable businesses. Indeed, it funds many a treat on the urban hikes.


Rainbow after the storm

The ferry undocked right on schedule and we were off! Having a non-guide dog, we made our way to the top deck. Unless the weather is completely off, this is the best spot on the ferry. You get magnificent views of the city and surrounding mountain ranges, plus you have a better chance of spotting an otter or harbor porpoise! That day, however, after moving through a fierce five minute rainstorm, we were rewarded with a rainbow. The eastbound ferry passed right under it, and might have been transporting its passengers to a more magical place than Seattle, a rift in our reality.


We arrived in Bainbridge and stopped at the following stores (and probably more that I cannot remember):

  • BI Barkery
  • Backstreet Beat
  • Calico Toy Shoppe
  • Churchmouse Yarns and Teas
  • Eagle Harbor Book Company
  • Hitchcock (tea and soup stop)
  • Petit and Olson
  • Plum
  • Seaside Station

Cutesy high street alley

Homsey was not envious of our epic urban hike, however, his first question was, “Did you have ice cream?” YES! We stopped at Mora Iced Creamery, the tastiest stop of the day. We shared a single scoop with green tea and cheesecake with brownies. It was a rich treat, thick with cream and dripping (literally) with flavor. I have visited Bainbridge Island before, but had never been to Mora. My recommendation is that when you go, pay a visit to this tucked away creamery, your tummy will say please and thank you!

At that point, our bellies were full and our heads were full of ideas, as we had been gathering thoughts on an evening art project. So we headed back. Meandering back east, I realized that the influx of cars and people meant the next ferry had just arrived, so we picked up our pace. Halfway across the parking lot, the PA system broadcast that all walk-on passengers had two minutes remaining, so we started running. Bestie was toting her tea, but it was hot and spilling, so she sacrificed it and was able to burst into a full on run. We just made the ferry! (So much for a perfect human experience pace.) We relaxed on the ride back and caught the next bus home. It was a lovely sit, considering how far Bainbridge Island seemed in our minds… all the way across the water. It was a day well-travelled.

Epicness rating: Two out of two best friends high-fived the hike


Sunset after an epic urban hike


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