Newton’s First Law

I was unable to make it to the pool today, so I hopped on the trainer for a 30 minute GCN spin workout.

Sometimes it takes me a bit to get adjusted after I start the video, but this one immediately jumped into the warm up. I used that time to strap in and adjust the seat. This was a tough one, Paul had us in and out of the seat in varying intervals. I was sweating pretty early on, probably by minute ten. The workout felt short, as I normally do 45 minutes to an hour, but, in case, in a hill-packed half hour, short was good.

I enjoyed the team challenges. It allowed you to keep going or take a break as you needed it. In my case, I believe it is always better to push through, rather than breaking and starting back up. This applies to lots of things, work, chores, driving long distances. It is basically all about maintaining momentum. I find it very difficult to get back into something challenging (or undesirable) if I stop and break. The break reminds me of how things could be and I dread beginning anew that much more. So I opted for Team One every time.

How do you stay in motion?


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