Mix It Up Monday

As I had one last day to see the cherry blossoms at 100% before my trip, Homsey and I made a date to visit the UW Cherry Blossoms after work.

The walk began with a fruitless detour, not resulting in an errand ran. Despite the sun cooperating with our break from the traditional weekend urban hike, I was very grumpy. I stomped around for a while until I stomped my annoyance out. It was a rather good thing I got it out of me early on, because the cherry blossoms were lovely to behold and a bad attitude is sometimes contagious. Lucky for me, Homsey’s temperament is more amicable and less easily ruffled.

We walked it off in a weird game of chase with the bus. Homsey does this thing where, if he misses the bus, he walks to the next stop(s) until the next bus has almost caught up and he stops. That makes me incredibly nervous, plus we were on the wrong side of the street for our bus, but it turns out that there were not pedestrian crossings connecting the eastern pathway. I still would have stopped and waited.

The bus came and we grabbed seats in the back, watching the ebb and flow of commuters and students. Once on campus, we headed straight for the Quad.  It was a mild afternoon, with the gentle setting sun casting a warm glow on the campus. I marveled that I had never done this, as a resident, I had never visited the cherry blossoms. Homsey claimed to have visited almost every year.

As the 100% bloom was announced earlier in the weekend, I was not expecting the huge crowds. It was a perfect backdrop for the collective feeling of pent-up, almost-here spring-waiting. We released our hopes into the pink sky, wishing for more sun and fewer grey skies in our future.


The Reading Room

We did a turn about the Quad, meandered through the library, and then over to the Village to run my errand. We debated what to eat, as I was quite hungry and the bus would take another hour to get home. I did not have any of my teeth-cleaning instruments and was feeling nervous about removing them in a public restroom. The place we chose was overflowing, so we decided to go home. We just caught the bus and Homsey instructed me to take a nap, so as to not think of my hunger (I had been hungry since about 4:00 and it was getting on to 8:00).

I made it without complaining and we stopped at the market for a baguette and soup. Homsey carried the baguette under his arm, reminiscing about his days in France, while I lugged the soup (and a half liter of juice) in my bag. It was a quaint end to a mini-Monday urban hike.


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