Not So Good, But Working On It

When I go on work trips, I am overcome by a certain anxiety about a marked decrease in exercise, a sudden spike in sitting for extended periods, a change in diet (more food, more alcohol) and fewer hours to move. This is what happens:

  1. I get food anxiety about not having enough food to eat on the plane, so I bring lots of food. More food than I can eat.
  2. I just sat for X (in this case, five) hours on a plane. I feel gross and dehydrated. I am now hungry for the next meal, even though I physically did nothing for the past X (in this case, five) hours.
  3. I am itching to stand, move, work out.
  4. Rationalization: Eat a salad, even though one is hungry, because sitting does not earn meal points.
  5. Work out like mad in hotel gym/room to cancel out bad effects of sitting on airplane.
  6. After meetings (see note above about airplane-sitting, meeting-sitting is just as bad), there is usually only time for a short (<30 minute) workout before the work dinner rendezvous. If I do not have much time, I will throw on sneakers and do the stairs or a slow treadmill in my work clothes.
  7. After a light (i.e. salad) dinner, I work out again.
  8. Repeat.

I recognize that I have a certain problem, that comes out in force on work trips, where I am released from my routines. This is something I am working on. Today, I decided to empower my choice. Knowing that I would feel more guilt than pleasure, I ordered a salad (as opposed to a burger, pasta, fries, anything else). I decided to choose the salad and be happy with it. It was not a punishment, it was empowering the decision I made for my body and about feeling good. I still worked out, but it was less of a get back at myself workout and more of a it-feels-good-to-move thing.

How do you focus on body positivity when outside of your habitat?


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