Total Body Workout

In a sunnier city this weekend, I basked in the warmth of spring. I could not get enough of the sun and the clear skies and escaped the indoors whenever possible. This included walks, lying (napping) on a blanket, reading and just being still.

This afternoon, the whole family decided to go to the park. We skipped, marched, galloped, ran and walked, with the kids laughing and chattering the whole way. It is amazing how much energy kids have and how much you wind up doing during a playtime session.

At the park, we ran and climbed around the jungle gym, playing various versions of catch. We called ourselves, Angel, Ninja and Rose (me). Angel and I were on a team, chasing Ninja wherever he directed us to go.

The play structure was great for our two teams, as it had separate towers for us to convene and plan. Up and down we went, imagining two ships, rollicking in the waves, and climbing towering seaweed structures to get to other ships.

When inclined, we hopped onto the swings, legs pumping hard and telling each other that we were flying away. Then, the kids discovered the monkey bars. Ninja managed to cross the smaller bars independently for the first time. I told him that with practice, he would manage the big kid bars on his own. They tried hanging upside down and after I showed them how to flip, they were eager to flip, too.

Playing with the kids and running around was a totally different kind of exercise that I have not done in a while. You are immersed in the moment, imaginations running wild. It was a total body workout, without even being a workout.


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