The Edge of Perfection

The edge of perfection eluded me all week (and in this case, the edge specifically refers to the pool wall). I got it into my head that I need to fix my flip turns. The strange thing about me is that on my own, I can flip all day, but, with my crew, I can start flipping but once I start messing up, I lose confidence and revert to open turns. Back in my old tri group, however, I was flipping all day.

Bottom line, I know I can do them well.

Results of the week: way too far from the wall. Something has happened to me, where I am suddenly afraid of the wall. Elle said it is because I have a big personality and I think I am taller than I am. True about thinking I am taller than I am, and probably true about the personality.

I tried wall-kick-and-turn drills and watched videos: here, here and here. Everyone gave me tips. The lifeguard said to just take another stroke. My other problem was that I was psyching myself out. I kept berating myself for being so far from the wall. Sometimes, I rate my turns, aiming for an 8, but these were 2’s and 3’s. I was way overthinking it.

Remedy: Stop overthinking it. Take an extra stroke. Always flip turn, because the more I practice, the better I will get at it, incrementally, anyways.

How do you work towards perfection? Does practice really make perfect?


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