Slowing Down

We started off on what felt like a mundane afternoon stroll, on a route we had tread many a time, and it turned into a charming exploratory urban hike.

Having completed our respective errands and to-do lists, Homesy and I did not start our walk until 4 PM. We picked a route towards nature (water), as opposed to a city route, and wound up on a very familiar trail. It is our go-to trail for watching the sunset or for a respite from the work day. In one of those ambivalent moods, we decided to walk towards the bluffs.

The best part of our urban hikes is that no matter how many times you have driven a route or have been to a particular neighborhood, you can access so much more by foot. We allow ourselves the luxury of time and pop into any store, park or café that we wish to visit. We stop and read signs, to learn more about our city. On my bike or driving around, I do not have the inclination to pause for a moment and see where the day takes me. There is something to be said for slowing down and experiencing more than you would at a faster pace.

When we reached the marina/bluffs, we, indeed, read every sign, and learned about a park expansion and an early settler, for whom the area was named. Chris knew of a beach at the end of the line, a place I did not know existed. It was secluded, and the average denizen (me) would have no reason to be in that particular spot of the city, being tucked away as it was. To use Homesy’s words, we scrambled down the rocks and turned the bend for a better view of the Sound.

Perched on our rock, in the warm afternoon sun, looking out at the waves, this was my winter dream. I have been antsy for sunshine, looking up airplane tickets to warmer climates and checking out travel books for far-flung, sun-soaked islands. I was incredibly happy to be there, on that quiet beach, with Homesy, in the sun. It was a perfect afternoon.

What is your perfect afternoon?


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