Flippity Flip

I tried very hard not to psych myself out and wound up surprising myself. I let go of the chase for perfection and decided to try my best. I nailed the wall a couple times on my turns. It felt good and I was in a groove, swimming strong and leading the crew.

That was all very surprising to me, because I was feeling very tired before 5:30. I had taken a nap and drooled all over my face. I was debating sleeping more or swimming but knew I would likely miss Tuesday and would feel better if I swam (never skip a Monday).

I gave myself a little grace when I missed the wall (and apologized profusely to my lane mates and gave them advance warning). It was okay. And I felt like I was getting back into my old turns again. Elle was right, just do them 100% of the time and you will improve.

I can’t wait for Wednesday!


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