Tulip Pedal

Crossed off my bucket list: bike through the tulips. I think biking through the tulips sounds romantic and so quaintly European and I have finally experienced it. Every year, I thought of doing it, I missed the organized ride or it was raining or I just did not want to go alone. Well, I rallied and said, rain or shine, I am biking through the tulips!

Four of us packed up our cars and braved the festival traffic for a bike ride through the radiant tulip fields. We parked in Mt. Vernon’s downtown area and biked into the farms. We basically biked in a big rectangle, around the most popular farms.

Due to the poor weather this year, the fields did not have a high yield, so there were only a handful of rainbow meadows. The first farm, Roozengaarde, had the brightest flowers, so bright that we thought they were painted.


Rows of Tulips

Being a leisurely ride, we stopped often for photos and to admire the tulips, daffodils, and herd of llamas. And, the weather cooperated, so it was a warm, sunny day. Perfect weather conditions for a tulip pedal.

It was freeing, being able to sail past all the cars. For the most part, we biked on the right side of the road and cars gave us a wide berth. They were going slowly and perhaps feeling generous with Easter tidings. There was one terrible stretch at the end, where we biked on the painted line, very close to the standstill traffic and precariously in the gravel edge. We agreed that the one mountain bike amongst us was the bike to have on this ride, despite the difficulties of having a high center of gravity in the strong crosswinds.

As the traffic was getting thicker, we decided that 15 miles was a respectable distance and to call it a day. I would highly recommend this bike ride, with these instructions:

  • Go early before lunch
  • Park at the Skagit River Walk Park
  • Bike across the bridge (W Division St)
  • Left on S Wall St
  • Right on McLean Rd
  • Loop: Beaver Marsh to Calhoun to Bradshaw to Memorial Hwy to Beaver Marsh
  • Back to the car, via McLean Rd
  • Have lunch in the downtown district of Mt. Vernon

Daffodil Fields


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