Tiptoe Amongst the Tulips

IMG_5174I received a pedometer in the mail today. As the sun was shining, I decided to go for a walk and test it out; 8586, it says. I almost chose to walk the trail but decided to go walk my neighborhood, and I am so glad I did. The tulips were going gangbusters. If I hadn’t gotten enough of the fields this weekend, I got another large dose of tulips again today. It seemed like every other house had tulips bursting out of their planters: red, orange, yellow, and pink.

Where I grew up, spring flowers were otherwise known as wildflowers. The climate was too hot for traditional spring blossoms. I feel so lucky to live in a place that is so luscious, green and fertile (I suppose that means I have to put up with the inevitable rainy days). Every spring, the radiant colors never cease to amaze me. They remind me that warmer, sunnier days are surely coming.

What do you love about spring? When have you last stopped to smell the flowers?


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