A Beach Revisited


Not a seal

The hidden beach was so beautiful that I had to take Bestie and Pooch. We met early and took advantage of the sunshine, heading to the waterfront trail. The seals were also enjoying the sun, bobbing and splashing in the waves, teasing Pooch.

Here, I must interrupt with a confession, every time I walk out to the water, I look for marine life: whales, otters, seals, harbor porpoises, anything that swims. I am always mesmerized by marine life. I often have dreams of swimming with dolphins and strange sea mammals. So I was absolutely delighted when we saw a herd of seals, even more so when, staring at a strange whirlpool in the Sound, a seal suddenly jumped up out of the water. It was a perfect breakfast treat. Better than freshly whipped cream on crepes with seasonally sweet strawberries.

We kept on walking, past the sill, past the ballistic turtles, and traversed two bridges. We let Pooch off to play in the park, chatted with the locals and learned that the park is sometimes used for drug deals. Good to know…

The hidden beach was unfortunately slippy, as the tide was not far out and the sun had not had time to dry the rocks. Instead, we sat on the memorial bench and admired the stillness of the water, the saltiness of the air and the sweetness of friendship.


Slippy beach

Following Pooch, who has an inquisitive attitude about every nook and cranny (“Can we check this place out? No? Okay. How about this grove? No? Well how about over there? Or here? Or that spot? Please?”), we scrambled down another beach in the marina.


Male Common Goldeneye

We were greeted by a serene-looking bird (until Pooch chased it away), what Homesy identified later as a common goldeneye. Following our, Pooch’s, whim, we often find ourselves in interesting places in which we never would have thought to venture. It is all part of the urban hike adventure.

Where will we go next?



Pooch says, “This beach is great!”


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