Hitting the Mark

I finally cracked the code! After working on this goal off and on for years, my fellow swimmer gave me a tip: tumble turns. When he was learning how to swim, he was told to touch the wall before turning. That puts you at the perfect distance from the wall for nailing it every time. You are forced to get cozy with the wall.

After a false start that left us giggling at my aversion to the wall, I hit the wall squarely every single time! I practiced from the flags for the rest of the workout, but I am excited to try it for real in a whole lap.

In other swim news, we picked up the 100 fly goal again. Although, everyone was quick to remind me that it is MY goal. Yesterday, we did 100 fly divided into 4×25. Today, on my own, I did 4×75: 50 fly, 25 breast/free. I am excited to achieve this goal, too.

What goals keep you excited about improving your fitness?


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