Watch the Sunrise

Google says, “Watching the sunrise outdoors statistically increases your odds of having a good day. And needing a nap after lunch.”

I can count the number of times I have watched the sunrise. Despite being an early riser, I am not often outdoors when the sun is rising. I am getting ready, I am driving to work, I am at work, I am reading. The times I have watched the sunrise, it has been a purposeful commune with nature, at a cabin, before a hike.

These days, aside from the whole work thing, the clouds often obscure the rising of the sun. Indeed, we have broken a 122-year-old record for rainfall. Hooray! Or not.

This weekend, if I am awake, I will try to watch the sunrise before my urban hike. Apparently it is at 5:54 AM. Just the nature of it being a weekend guarantees it to be a good day.

What makes it a good day in your book?



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