It has been a month of life events, hence I have been lax with my writing. Not to say that I have not been working out and urban hiking, just that writing was not prioritized. It will be another full couple of weeks, but I will commit to writing more frequently.

Anyhow, last weekend, Homsey and I set out for a street carnival in a funky neighborhood on the far side of the city. It has actually been quite a while since he and I have walked the same path, as my walks of late have been early morning jaunts. So it was fun to just be with him.

We set off along the water, tourist watching, until the sun-drunk crowds pushed us to the other side of the street. It was faster than crowd-weaving on this side, and Homsey isn’t as good as I am at that, anyhow. We cut up through “Pio Square”, as I named it, and admired the architecture and quirky shops.

The funny thing was that the neighborhood was teeming with Blue Jay fans. There was not a Mariner to be found. We probably saw a total of ten Mariner’s jerseys. We could not figure it out. Was every Blue Jay fan from western Canada visiting for the game or do people love the Jays more than the home team? After asking around, we realized that it was both. The Blue Jays are so good, that they have become quite the popular team, and they are basically Canada’s baseball team. So it is easy to root for them.


Ducking by the parking lot hawkers, we continued southward. When we passed the new Filson headquarters, I said that we had to stop. I drive by the old HQ on my way home from work, but never stop, so I was curious to see it up close. Turns out, they were having an event, and there were free goodies and, best of all, free beer! We each had a Pyramid IPA and savored them.

I realized that we have had a remarkable number of free experiences on our urban hikes. I think it comes with the adventure. You would not normally stop via other modes of transportation, and in slowing down and popping into establishments, you expose yourself to greater opportunities (for freebies). It is certainly not our end goal to seek out munchies or trinkets, but it sweetens the day.

Buoyed by our beers, we finished the least exciting part of the trek through the industrial streets connecting us to our final destination. The festival was weird and filled with strange music, staying true to the nature of the neighborhood. It was a good end to the day.

What have you discovered on foot? When do you slow down and what do you find?



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