Birthday Tour

Playing tourist on Homsey’s birthday with an out-of-town guest, we hit some of the city’s high points:

Birthday brunch at Portage Bay with huge portions of crab omelette and a ginormous mimosa pitcher. Honestly, this was the best deal of the day. We got about nine to ten servings out of it and it was freshly squeezed OJ.

Caffeine break at Starbucks Reserve on the Hill. Fun facts, the beans are roasted with whatever debris is in the coffee bags and filtered downstream in the process.

A fierce game of foosball in Pio Square that went from best of 3 to a whole game… thereby allowing the birthday boy to win. We also found that going at midmorning on a Monday meant that the tables were available.

IMG_5333Libations at E. Smith Mercantile & Back Bar. We figured that this type of speakeasy bar, squished between two buildings and likely a former seedy-alleyway, offers the best kind of atmosphere: chill, relatively quiet, and strong drinks.

A fast museum tour at the Klondike Gold Rush Museum, where Filson products were on exhibit. Indeed, Filson got his start supporting the Gold Rush of the 1890’s.

Our first rooftop bar of the day was The Observatory, atop the possibly haunted Smith Tower. A friend has been telling me about this place for years, and it was my first visit. The museum section was informative and the ride up was dizzyingly fast. The decor transports you to another era, until you step outside on the deck and count the cranes and development of the city skyline. The drinks were excellent, and The Dry Squad won crowd favorite for “most refreshing”.

We looped around the new extension of Pike Place Market and up to The Nest. It is worth a visit for free views of the Sound and if you want to really fit in, suit up.

The original dinner plans were for the Space Needle, but it was expensive with an uninspiring menu, so we opted for a tour of Ballard in the evening.

Other things we did on this trip:

  • Deception Pass
  • Coupeville and a ferry ride back to the mainland
  • America’s Car Museum
  • Kayaking on South Lake Union
  • Sushi on Cap Hill
  • Solstice Festival in Fremont
  • Seattle Sonic’s game
  • Can Can
  • Brunch at Petite Tolouse

Where do you take guests in your city? How does a having guests change the way you experience your home?


Deception Pass


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