About Northwesterly Motion

I never considered myself an athlete, until recent years when people who know me started to use that term. As a child, I was resistant to organized sports in P.E. class. I was picked last, rightfully so, as the smallest, slowest, uncoordinated kid.

Through the years, I found sports that brought me joy, and these were not included in a typical P.E. curriculum. It was no wonder that I didn’t consider myself an athlete! I focused on the sports I loved and had a lot of fun playing badminton, cycling, running (see next paragraph), bowling, playing disc golf, walking through the neighborhood, swimming, karate, in-line skating, shooting hoops and banging a racketball around a court.

The caveat about running is that I really hated it until my last summer before college. My family started walking around the high school track after dinner and then my mom and I started running laps until we were up to three miles. I kept it up in college for general fitness and then I discovered triathlons through my roommate.

After that, I got hooked on training for races… and that’s where I am today. I typically sign up for a race a month (during the season) or one really big race that I work towards. I find the motivation of a goal makes my training purposeful and more productive. If you knew me today, you’d know that I can typically be found doing something active.

So, where does this blog fit in? Friends and acquaintances often ask for training advice and I thought it’d be fun to document and share my fitness lifestyle. I will share my workouts, nutrition ideas, reviews and other related thoughts. My goal is to 1. help others develop and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle and 2. become a well-rounded, stronger individual, myself.