Where’s your mojo?

I’ve been tired all week. So, I took Tuesday and Thursday off. Tuesday I napped and Thursday I considered doing a GCN spin workout but thought better of it.

Wednesday, we cobbled together a drill heavy workout, focusing on freestyle form. We also attempted 4×75:

  • 25 fly, 50 free
  • 50 fly, 25 free
  • 75 fly
  • 75 free

What we actually did:

  • 25 fly (sprint), 50 free
  • 50 fly, 25 free
  • 25 fly, 50 free – I actually did 75 free
  • 75 free

Even though it wasn’t a high performance day, we got some quality time in the pool and worked on improving our stroke. I find that working on technique when I’m tired helps for overall performance.

Friday, however, after a week of easy swims and rest, I found that my mojo was back. I felt like I was flying in the water. I stayed for a whole hour and to didn’t need convince myself to finish “just one more set”. Listening to my body and honoring it helped me get back to peak performance.

How can you tell when you’re not at optimal performance levels? What do you do to rest on off days?


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